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Post COVID-19 Re-opening:

To our patients:

In order to comply with health regulations and most importantly keep you and our staff safe we have added protocols for your next dental visit:

  1. Before making an appointement we will pre-screen you with a few questions regarding COVID-19.
  2. As our policy in our office has always been one patient at a time with no double booking, this not only will continue but will be emphasized.
  3. When arriving to the office you will be able to text us that you are here, upon entering the office you will have your temperature digitally taken.
  4. Once you are brought to the treatment room we will give you hand sanitizer for your hands, have you pre-rinse with an antibacterial rinse.
  5. You will have a pulse oximeter placed on your finger to measure your oxygen levels before any treatment is started.
  6. We will continue to use universal precautions in addition to surgical gowns, head coverage, surgical masks as well as face shields for everyone’s protection.
  7. You will observe that we have installed medical grade air purifiers for each treatment room.
  8. If your appointment is with our hygienist you will notice we have installed a specialized High Volume suction to reduce any excess water or aerosols.
  9. If coming to see the Doctor we will also be using a special suction system for any excess water or aerosols.
  10. Upon finishing with your treatment you will be instructed to rinse with an antibacterial rinse and hand sanitizer for your hands.
  11. Our goal is to maintain your oral health in a comfortable and safe setting.
  12. Since there will be a large demand for appointments, if you have scheduled an appointment but can not make it for any reason we ask you contact us 48 hours to reschedule your appointment.

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